Every great vineyard has a secret.

We spent a decade investigating the fundamental cause of distinctly Oregon Pinot Noir. Where the vine meets tiny threads of ancient volcanic rock, we found the answer.

These rock threads are not easy to find under the vast debris brought by the Missoula Floods.

To do it, you must overdo. Everywhere. More effort, more information, more mistakes, more science, more inspiration, more artistry.

We’ve partnered with legendary “terroir whisperer” Pedro Parra on this exploration across Oregon’s Willamette Valley to unearth these hidden places. As Parra puts it:

“I taste. When I find something specific and delicious, I dig.”

When we do find these elusive threads, the vines establish an unbroken connection with the ancient molten rock — the vineyard’s dream state — expressing the grape’s natural compulsions.

Vines from these volcanic ribbons produce wines of unusually vivid red, blue and black fruit flavors which elegantly wrap around a whispered but highly detailed mineral bolt.

This connection between the vine and the hillside’s eroded mother rock is where our narrative begins.